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‘Sacred Chants One’ mentioned in ‘Echoes’ Radio Show as being one of their top 25 Picks in February 2013! 

~ Public Radio International 

"I am LOVING the “Chants” CD! I listen to it ALL the time before my readings to get into a meditative state!" 

~ Medium Michelle, Author, Speaker and Life Coach 

"No one told me that I would be in for such a treat before I went on stage to present a seminar hosted by the Spiritual Center for Positive Living in Cameron Park, CA., and the fabulous Rev. Pattie Weber. Rev. Pattie had arranged for acclaimed singer songwriter Emily Tessmer, and her band, Orenda Blu, to offer a live performance before my presentation. And wow! What an experience! As Emily and her band wove the words of ancient and traditional chants, many that I was familiar with, into something powerfully new and original, my experience beyond that of simply “listening” to music. I found myself feeling deeply in a way that happens only when I’m in the presence of something that is sacred, honest and real. 

After the performance I learned that my experience of Emily and Orenda Blu was shared by music industry experts, as well, and echoed in their reviews and awards. Orenda Blu’s album Sacred Chants One, won the Silver Medal In the Coalition of Visionary Resources Category of ‘Best Healing Inner Space’ music in 2012, and is mentioned by NPR’s’Echoes’ Radio Show as being one of Public Radio International’s top 25 Picks in 2013! Orenda Blu’s newest release, Chants of Love and Light, invites us even deeper into their exploration of timeless wisdom skillfully blended with modern melodies in a way that’s perfect for audiences of all ages. From yoga, meditation and massage to your background soundtrack for everyday life, Orenda Blu music is a “must have” for your library of healing sound."

~ Gregg Braden 
New York Times best-selling author 

“When Emily approached me to produce some of her music, I didn’t expect to discover such a rare and beautiful voice. She is a true artist and everything she does is authentic and heart-driven…” 


"With her Paradise Music debut, Orenda Blu immerses the listener in her soothing brand of Sanskrit chant, which highlights the beauty of the ancient words amidst ethereal musical arrangements. Blu’s voice is light and wispy with a clear sweetness that brings out the heart in chants like the “Moola Mantra” and “Govinda Jai.” Warm guitar lies at the core of her musical arrangements, blended with airy synth ambience and relaxed rhythms." 

~ Music Design – Music Design 

"Orenda Blu has graced the stage of our Spiritual Center on many occasions. We’ve also requested her performances to bless our summer retreat and Playing4Peace Festivals. There are good reasons we have invited her back so many times. There is an essence, a vibration that graces every performance. There is a peace, an openness in the center of her music. It emits a spiritual vibration that is authentic and genuine, deep and inclusive. Her voice is clear and beautiful, angelic and soulful. Emily herself brings a kindness, a sweetness that delivers through her effortlessly, because it is who she is. Just thinking about her, compels me to go listen to her cd right this very moment."

~ Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber, Senior Minister 
Spiritual Center for Positive Living, Cameron Park, CA 

‘Sacred Chants One’ Winner of the Silver Medal In the Category of ‘Best Healing Inner Space’ music of 2012! 

~ Coalition Of Visionary Resources 

I had to travel to Ireland to discover an amazing band who live one state away from where i live! When I heard Orenda Blu with Emily and Julie’s voices, I felt like I was in heaven. Their music made chants into invocations of love, harmony, and joy, and I immediately bought their CDs and have listened and sung along to them ever since…Their music transports me into a dimension of bliss! 

Hay House Author & Meditation Expert – Sarah Mclean 



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